Oucinde Racing Management

ORM is an agency that has developed a sports program to manage and promote the sporting career of young drivers since their first steps,
with the aim of making them professionals...

Based on our knowledge and experience in motorsport world,
we work on the career and on the image of the driver looking for the best possible economic solution.
Our great experience allows us to negotiate with sponsors and teams,
indicating to the driver the best option and helping him in the negotiation...

Who is ORM

ORM is an agency created by Mariano T. Oucinde, journalist and graduate in communication, which offers its management service for drivers since 1996. In addition to several journalistic collaborations he has worked directly with many drivers and teams as manager, press officer and consultant.

  • How we work

    We offer adequate support, with the aim of positioning the driver in the elite of motorsport
  • Direct trading managed in first person
  • Technical, sports and legal support
  • Direct dialogue between team and driver
  • Press office and communication
  • Personal assistance in all sports activities
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  • What we offer

    We guarantee to our sponsors a personalized offer to reinforce their image at all levels
  • Customization of the car
  • Logo on the driver's clothes
  • Customization of box panels
  • Area paddock e hospitality services
  • Driver availability for promotional events
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  • What we ask

    We have developed a system that helps our drivers to stay always in focus on his activity
  • Communication between driver and manager
  • Outside communications
  • Personal clean image
  • Correct supply
  • Social network management
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Mariano T. Oucinde

ORM is Mariano T. Oucinde: born in Argentina, he has over twenty years' experience in motorsport with the roles of manager, sport director and journalist. He manages the driver to 360° followin him during all his sporting path.

Mariano Oucinde

ORM Founder

In my role as a manager I am committed to defining the objectives of the season, negotiating directly in first person with the possible sponsors to obtain the best conditions for the driver's sporting career, always give the driver my technical and sporting support, draw up a report after each test or race on the work done, take care of the pilot's image in the international press and develop new contacts.